Friday, August 22, 2008

Speed Racer

It's been a while....

It's not that I haven't has anything to say, I just haven't had the time to write it. what's been going on? Well, my sister is back up in the UP looking for an apartment, I think, and training to run a half-marathon in Oct. After she left, my dad celebrated his 59th birthday and my grandma her 80th. In between there I had a wonderful weekend with my friend's 3 boys. We played hard and watched lots of Olympics, but I payed for it afterward. By Tuesday I was so exhausted I moved through the day in a fog. But after a night of 9.5 hrs of sleep, I was re-charged.

The rest of this week has been jammed packed and each time I cross something off my list of things to do, i think of 2-3 more I need to add. But it's okay 'cause next weekend I am going on a road trip to Toronto. My friend Nat and i are going to the Hillsong United Conference (right now some of you are going who??? and some of you are the tiniest bit jealous) I am glad to be getting away. I love being in the car driving, listening to music that puts a soundtrack to the journey. I calms me in a way nothing else does. By the time I get wherever I am going, all the things clogging my head have been cleared out and the stress that has all my muscles tensed has eased. And add to that a good friend and the chance to deepen a friendship. It's gonna be great!

In the meantime life is dragging me along at breakneck speed and I'm just hanging on for the ride...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yesterday, I spent the day at Oakland Hills Country Club watching golfers practice for the PGA Tournament. Hence the title... but just so you know I'm not even smart enough to know that it was spelled f-o-r-e I had to ask someone. And I just learned yesterday that a pro-am match is a pro playing with a group of amatuers (the am part).

Basically my purpose in going out is to scout out the young, good looking golfers. In my limited golf knowledge, I've discovered most of the golfers worth looking at are Europeans. There are some Americans, but not as many. For this reason, our first order of business was to seek out Sergio Garcia, whom I have affectionally dubbed "my sexy spaniard." We appeared on his scene as he was approaching the 18th green. My dad showed me where to stand so that I would be able to have him sign my visor as he walked by. Of course there were tons of people crammed up against the rope, including a young guy in front of me who had been following Sergio for 9 holes trying to get his autograph and a very nice woman and guy who'd been waiting there an hour.

Here's what I remember in the moments between my heart racing so fast and forgetting to breathe. The afore mentioned people all had flags to be signed and I just my visor which kept getting buried underneath the flags. I had to keep trying to move it on top of the flags. While doing this I was also holding my camera with my left hand trying to take a picture even though my hand was shaking. And then he was there, he grabbed my hat and kept walking past the nice woman and man behind me. When he reached back to hand me my visor, he did sign both their flags. I was glad. I would have felt really bad that they let me squeeze in and didn't get signatures.

And I got my picture....

Here's just a few other photos