Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Watching it Snow

I am here in Canada sitting next to a Christmas tree full of ornaments with little significance to me (with the exception of a couple) which I helped decorate watching it snow outside. Under the tree are piles of presents, just the way it is meant to be to give you that warm Christmas spirit. The cat also feels the Christmas spirit apparently as it likes to climb the tree and camp out inside while taunting us with its tail.

I've definitely had some great adventures already. I took the kids shopping for a couple hours resulting in the loss of a bank card (not mine). A Christmas party in which I very out of place and even a little frightened. We went with a friend of JD's and after being there maybe 15 minutes, I leaned over and said "Do you have any Xanax? I need it!" At least my social anxiety attack was entertaining to JD.

I also got to go 4-wheeling with Brandon (the oldest). I let him drive me around. It was cold out, but seeing the very colorful sunset as we cruised around and spending that time with Brandon was worth it. We had some trouble restarting it on occasion and we had to give it a little shake to get it going. He wants to take me out again this weekend, but I'm not sure my bum can handle it.

JD loves Glee!!!!!! That makes me extra happy.

Another exciting thing for me has been living out my Jillian Michaels fantasy in the gym. This past fall JD began running and since then I've been waiting for my opportunity to train her. To push her to her limits. She has survived 2 days - we'll see if she can move tomorrow. Today she even muttered "I hate you," which made me clap and feel victorious. (yes. I am slightly demented) The only problem is she keeps talking about paybacks being hell and I'll find out when I get my gift on Christmas Eve. Dun...dun...dun... (to be continued I guess)

That's another thing. So the deal was that my present was simply coming here and a few small things for the kids. And JD wasn't supposed to get me anything either, even though I knew that would be impossible for her. But I think she may have gone a bit overboard. And then her mom wanted to get me something. And her friend that went to the Christmas party with us got me something. It feels a bit overwhelming to be so spoiled and loved on in so many ways. I might complain alot about it, but it is appreciated.

That wraps up (Christmas pun intended) the week so far. Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've had some bad days in the past couple weeks. Some really bad days. It's not good for me or those around me. I've been trying to work my way through it. God feels so distant and I know it's because I've pushed Him out, not because He isn't there. He's always there, with more than enough grace. Lately I guess I've felt like Gomer - rescued from a miserable life of spiritual prostitution - only to keep running back to the same thing. I am ever thankful for those in my life who offer me such grace and patience and love me in spite of all the flaws.

On a better note, I am geared up for Christmas. My whole life I have only missed one Christmas with my family when I was living in Hawaii. On a bit of whim I decided to head to a friends for Christmas this year and give my best friend the gift she wants of spending time with me. And anytime you can spend Christmas with children, it adds a wonderful sense of magic and joy to the season. But because I am going away, all my holiday shopping had to be completed 2 weeks early.

Most went quite well. This week all I had left was something for Wayne, my mom's new husband (I haven't quite adjusted to the term step-dad yet). What does one get for that kind of person? I don't know him very well. I was given a few very unhelpful ideas. Finally I decided on a classic car ornament and some chocolates. I know it's not the most personal or perfect gift, but it will have to do for this year.

Then on Thursday, I got an email from an online supplier I had ordered from that my order couldn't be fulfilled as the product had been discontinued and they didn't have any left in stock. They apologized for the inconvenience. Of course it was the one gift that took me days to find and pick out. Back to the drawing board I went and began my search again. Found something else I liked and ordered it. Friday night was delivery jackpot night when the UPS man (He wasn't bad looking Kelly) showed up with 3 packages. I opened the first 2 like a giddy child. I couldn't figure out what the 3rd one was. After noticing the return address, I was even more confused as I opened the box to find the so-called "backordered/discontinued" product.

Ummm.... so I have something I didn't pay for (it's not cheap) plus already replaced. Yes... I am trying to do the right thing and return it. Hopefully at the sellers expense. Just in case you were thinking about ordering from Online Fitness... apparently they don't have a clue what's going on over there.

I am ready for Christmas! It's a little strange to not have lights and the tree up here at home, but the Christmas spirit is alive in my heart this year. Next weekend I'll celebrate with my parents (separately of course), attend a Christmas play, and eat too much. Then shortly I will be off to the Canadian frozen tundra to freeze outside, sit by the fire inside, laugh, love, wrap gifts, see delight in the kids eyes and be happy.

Hope your Christmas is full of the same joy and happiness. And above all that the true Spirit of Christmas is the One you celebrate.