Friday, February 25, 2011

See Me Beautiful

I don't normally post songs here, especially ones I've written. I pray you'll take the rare opportunity and listen. (I have posted this song and another in the side bar as well for a time)

See me Beautiful Musicians Available

Because don't we all want to be seen beautiful, treasured, worthwhile and important? And even more than that, we hope that it's seen in us just as we are right now - no matter how messed up, ugly, selfish or flawed we may be. If one person in our lives can see through all that and simply say, "I see you beautiful" we can be filled with hope. In time we can look in our own mirrors and start to see that same beautiful. On the inside and the outside.

The best part is that God always sees into the beautiful. He uses even what we see as stains and scars to create 'his workmanship,' his work of art. Sometimes we look at a piece of art and it's not the prettiest picture. Some might even call it dark or ugly, but what your eyes see and your heart feels might be different... your heart tells you there is beauty in the dark, the sad, the pain of the painting, just as there is in a life. In your life. In my life.

Hear a heart's cry.... see me beautiful


colette said...

you're amazing! i've missed your singing voice:))) both songs are absolutely beautiful! i love you so much!

Misty said...

I love you, Tia. you are incredible... Truly! Beautiful song...