Friday, December 27, 2013

Trip of a Lifetime

I've gone on several mission trips now, but the one I am planning next just may be the one I am looking foward to and will remember the most.

Two years ago, my cousin Kevin told me that he was interested in going to Africa with me the next time I went. As he is graduating from high school this spring, what better gift than making that dream come true.

I asked him what his dream of going to Africa looked like so I could plan the best trip. He told me he wanted to see animals on safari, but he also wanted to do something to help as well. Then he said we should go somewhere I haven't been before so we can experience it together. He has one of the sweetest hearts I know.

I began the search for places to go and organizations to volunteer at. Ironically, it was in Romania that I was recommended what sounded like the perfect senario for Kevin and I.

So this May, we will be headed to South Africa for two weeks. Partnering with Ten Thousand Homes, we will likely help with construction projects, serve food, and love on lots of children. The cost of the trip will be around $6000 for both of us. I believe God will provide exactly what is needed, but the first $3000 raised will go towards Kevin's half of the trip.

If you would like to be a part of this trip of a lifetime for Kevin and I, and encourage Kevin's faith before we even leave American soil here's the info.

Mail a check (email me at for the address)


Make an online donation here:

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