Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to learn new words

I love crossword puzzles, but not the really hard ones like in the newspapers. Just medium hard ones, where I can figure out most of the them, but not all of them. Recently I came across the word 'pismire' as a clue. I didn't know what the word meant, but I liked the way it sounded and couldn't stop repeating it in my head, rolling the word around on my tongue. Pismire. Eventually, I learned that it means 'ant.' Maybe I like the word 'cause it almost sounds like a swear word, but really isn't. And with work being stressful lately and highly frustrating, it was a good word.

Remember the show Ally McBeal and how her shrink Tracey Ullman told her to get a life theme song? I believe in doing that. Certain songs just seem to reflect the exact point you are in in life, or how you feel. (Mine change often) Well maybe we can have "theme words" too and right now mine is pismire.

Maybe the next puzzle will have a more uplifting word.


Misty said...

I don't know Tia, an Ant is a pretty uplifting little guy if you think about it...

p.s. I too am a big supporter of the theme song, but like the idea of a word too. Life's seasons need to be cataloged somehow!

JD said...

If you need more theme words, you could always use the "word verification" words from the comment section of your blog. Right now, the word is ANDLET. Some of them make no sense, and it would keep people guessing... which might offer comic relief :)

I love the idea of a theme word... I have theme songs to almost every experience.

Pismire. It does sound like a swear word!