Saturday, July 5, 2008

On This Night of a Thousand Stars

It's been a week of extremes, in an emotional sense I mean. Ever been so stuck inside your head, as you turn up the radio to drown out your thoughts, your thoughts just seem to proportionally get louder. That's the place I was in as this holiday weekend began. But I had things planned and it was going to be fun and all the stress would just fade away. YEAH RIGHT!

I couldn't relax, I was antsy and frustratable. Everything was negative. After rushing from one place to the next, I finally arrived in the middle of nowhere to watch some fireworks. The fireworks were good, but it was the stars that brought me back to earth. There were so many.... Not just the bright ones, but all the teeniest pinpricks of light that made the sky look a little fuzzy on a brilliantly clear night. It reminded me that God is so much bigger than my frustrations and my little selfish bubble I sometimes wrap myself up in. And He loves me regardless of it all.

Our plans might not work out the way we want and people may disappoint us; we can chose anger, resentment and rejection or we can look for God to do something bigger and better like show us a sky numbered with the thoughts He has for us.


michele said...

You are so right! I am learning that GOD can be right next to me without me even knowing because I am so wrapped up in me.

Misty said...

Thanks Tia... Honestly. I have been in that isolated place within my head and this was a good kick in the pants/reality check!