Friday, October 10, 2008

The plumber and the dancer

It's an absolutely georgeous day outside. After I ate lunch I planned to go outside for a run and enjoy it. But then the maintenance man showed up to fix my dripping tub. He's been here about a half hour now and says the handles are so corroded and not on straight, so he's gonna fix me all up nice and new-like. So here I am just sitting and waiting for him to be done. I guess I could leave and let him lock up when he leaves. If I hadn't been here when he arrived, he would have simply let himself in. But since I was here, it doesn't seem right to just take off does it? Maybe I should just ask him when he returns in a minute from turning the water off.

My day at work yesterday had an interesting moment when I was at the counter with a resident and realized my hand had blood on it as I was experiencing that wonderful thing called a nose bleed. So I quickly excused myself from the customer and went into the bathroom. After a minute and it still hadn't stopped bleeding, I got someone else to help the very confused man I was assisting. I would have been thoroughly embarrassed but I don't even think the guy realized what was going on at all.

I did go to my gym class last night and as I suspected we are back to the orginal program of a total body workout, which I don't mind either (except the yoga part I can't do right) but it's not quite as fun. About 2/3 of the way into the class this woman joined in and decided to stand right next to me. The class was pretty full so there wasn't a lot of empty space. I wish I could just post a video of this woman as I fear my words will not even come close to describing how everything went. She's next to me and has missed learning the first half of the dance and now we are putting together the part we just learned with the rest starting from the top. So I moved over and behind my friend Nat, leaving this woman plenty of space while also giving myself some extra space (If I was good at judging distances I would tell you but I'm horrible so we'll just say about 6-8 ft away I was) Twenty seconds in there is a turn move that takes about 2-3 ft of space. This woman spins herself all the way over to me, almost into me, quite off balance. No matter where I moved, forward, back, sideways she kept lining herself up right next to me. I can only laugh and say this about her because God bless this woman for reminding me I'm not the only one who looks like a fool. If I actually had video footage of her I'd have to put video of myself right next to it and I don't think the world is ready for that.

The repairman said it's ok to leave, so I'm off for a walk.


colette said...

it is thee most gorgeous day out, and if you can believe it i actually napped on the grass yesterday baking in the son! it was a little taste of heaven right here in october:)

colette said...

wow i really meant to write sun just then but the Son was definitely there too:D