Sunday, November 2, 2008

The truth is out... I'm old

According to a teenager, that is. It's been an interesting weekend.

But first a quick life update:

Over on my photo blog the theme for the month of November will be thankfulness. So hop on over and check it out. Feel free to comment on things you are thankful for.

My little sis ran a half marathon last weekend and finished! She rocks. But now she wants me to run it with her next year. I'd better start training soon or else she'll be leaving me in the dust.

On the day my sister ran, I went to the SYTYCD tour. FABULOUS!! So much fun. Can you say perma-smile?

Back to this weekend...

I attended a 50's sockhop thrown by a young friend of mine. It turned out really well. I am pretty sure I was the oldest person there, but I do pretty well at fitting in. Then the moment of truth came. I was sitting next to a young girl and somehow we came around to my age. I told her I was turning 32 in a couple weeks. Word for word this is what she said to me... "Really. I wouldn't have thought that, you were so active out there." There it is folks, after 30 I'm supposed to be inactive and well, old.

I've never been one to follow the norm, so I think I'll continue acting like I'm young at least until I'm about 80.
Here's a couple photos from the dance


colette said...

haaaaaaa, i would've never guessed you were turning 32! didn't we decide on like 23 or something..? but im glad your not all like not wanting anyone to know how old you are thats LAME, especially when you are so "active" for you age! HAAAAAAAAAAA, i can't believe someone actually said that!! i think my dance with you was my favorite dance of the night! awesome pics, can you email me them? love ya!

Anonymous said...

If you are old, I must be ancient!!!