Saturday, February 7, 2009

I hate being sick

It started on Wednesday afternoon with a scratchy throat. I never know at first whether I am just having allergy symptoms or a getting a cold. By Thursday morning I knew it was a cold. My head throbbed and my nose was runny. I tried my best to convince myself it wasn't anything major; that I could still go work out if I just took it easy. When by noon I felt miserable I knew it wasn't going to happen. The whole schedule would be thrown out of whack.

There's a great irony to being sick. You clear out your schedule so you have nothing to do but rest. As you rest you realize you have all this free time now to accomplish all the other things you've been putting off, except you have no energy to get that done either. If you manage to push through the numb fog to do something, you've defeated the purpose of letting your body rest.

I admit over the last few days I have tried to find a balance. I did run a few errands yesterday and today I cooked. But I didn't workout or stay up late. Mostly, I've just been on my computer, which the heat from has actually tanned the top of my thighs I think. Tomorrow I plan on jumping back into the life I was living before I got this cold. Hopefully it will be outta here completely in a day or so.

Here's to being able to share my thoughts without sharing my germs.

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colette said...

:)sorry you got sick! praying for you, and love you!