Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Silly Story

Once upon a time there was this really cool girl, but only some people knew how cool she really was. She was humble and didn’t flaunt her cool-ness. By some weird twist of fate she became friends with another really cool girl. Except this girl might not have been quite as cool, because she tried hard to make people think she was cool, despite down deep inside feeling like an alien who doesn’t fit in the world.

These are the (not so) adventures of Boobie Chickenlips and Snickle Pottytush.

(Who incidentally from this point forward will be referred to as BC and SP, just ‘cause it’s easier)

Chapter 1 - BC’s Phobia
Despite her uber-awesome factor, BC does have a problem. She has “Siamese disease.” She does not go anywhere without someone else, even if it’s only 5 feet away. She is capable of separation if forced, but I wouldn’t want to cause any anxiety by trying it out. As far as diseases go, this really isn’t a bad one to have. One could be much worse off and have “touchy-feely disease” and always be touching people.

Because of this need to always be accompanied, SP is with BC in situations in which she typically wouldn’t have been present and thus it has led to aforementioned adventures. But SP has her own issues too.

Chapter 2 – SP’s Freakiness
As we leave disease land, we don’t have to travel far. The land of “Obsessive Freak” is only a stone’s throw away. This is where SP lives. Even though at first glance you might think she lives in the land of Normal, it doesn’t take long to realize all is not well in her head. There is nothing specific that she obsesses over, just whatever happens to have her attention at the moment. She’ll latch onto a person and learn everything she can and talk about them incessantly. She’ll pick up on a project and won’t let it go until it’s finished (or several are done). Most recently she has resurrected an old one of musical theater. Show tunes non-stop, or if stopped, then music by someone that has sung on a soundtrack. Others wonder how she even has time for friends at all, but she’s freakishly loyal to each friend she has – one at a time though, of course.

Chapter 3 – A Series of Fortunate Circumstances
The friendship of these two began quite some time ago, but only recently have they become the dynamic duo. This event happened due to the departure of another cool girl (who only has this brief cameo in the story), which left the vacancy BC so joyfully filled. Not only did she get to leave the chamber of torture, she would now be spending 40 hours a week with SP (a decision that she may at times question the logic of).

Chapter 4 – The wicked, the blonde and the so-called chaos
SP decided it was time for BC to experience something new and invited her to see not one, but two, Broadway shows. Their first official adventure together was Wicked. Of course Mother Nature decided to dump several feet of snow overnight and at first the situation looked a little dismal. SP managed to swerve and slide her way around town to get her hair done for the evening. By evening, everything was a go. As well planned as could be, SP and BC met up right inside the theater and enjoyed the witch-y play. In fact BC liked it so much, the following week she began listening to the soundtrack. SP couldn’t have been happier with her protégé.

A couple weeks later, the two braved an after-office party. With only the slightest bias, they were the two best looking there. Neither one could drink fast enough for all the free drinks they were being offered. SP was looking particularly sexy that evening. In once instance it proved to be a disadvantage as an attendee came from nowhere and stuck his face right in front of SP. She thought she was going to be kissed and quickly turned her head. All the while staring wide-eyed at BC for some help. Ultimately it turned out ok. Said creepy man simply whispered to SP and touched forehead to forehead. Then poked BC in the side jokingly and left. Next time, they’ll try and be more careful and alert. Or perhaps SP should just burn her knee high boots. Nah!

Fast forward one week. There was major seismic activity in both their lives from an outside source. It’s good they can share their perspectives with one another to create a bridge over the crumbling structure. Otherwise, they’d be in serious danger of going down in flames. But all was able to be quickly set aside as part deux of BC theater indoctrination was to begin. Pink was the word. Even though both wore black and grey. Legally Blonde the musical was a huge success and wickedly funny (perhaps I am getting confused). By the end, their smile muscles hurt from permagrin. Shortly after, BC relocated to a new home only block away from obsessive freak land’s border. And a little closer to SP’s heart with her new addiction to the theater.

Chapter 5 – The saga continues
An ice skating quest was planned next, an opportunity to turn the city on its head. SP was looking forward to the time to hang with just BC, some quieter time to have a real conversation. But BC went and got herself a date with a bagel (which in her defense is wise) and bailed. The disappointment SP felt was fairly short-lived though since the change of plans gives her some extra downtime amidst a busy day. Both realize there are still plenty of journeys to be had.

What escapades await these two? The future can only shudder at the possibilities.


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