Sunday, January 4, 2009

Swartzenwaelder Fritzenchorte?

I know you are dying to know what that it. The answer isn't as impressive in English, trust me.

I have two young cousins, Kevin and Austin (age 12 & 7) And I like spending time with them, they make me laugh. Over the New Year weekend I invited them to come and spend the night. We like to play games. Kevin brought a game called Eat It, which is basically trival pursuit except all the questions are about foods, junk foods in particular. We had been playing for a little while (and of course I was winning) when "the question" came up.

Kevin begins by reading the question to me. "what is the english translation of sch... shhh...." Already I am laughing because how can I translate it if he can't even say it. He turns the card to me- No wonder! I'm not even sure the Germans can pronounce it. From there it went downhill. We all just started making up our own versions of the word, such as "shortenwalder cook and snort." It became our buzz word for the next 20 hours. I have no idea how many times we brought it up and laughed.

Another buzzword we created for the time was created on our way to the movies. Kevin was making up a story about a college roommate. I stopped him and told him my own true roommate horror story. My third year of college, second semester I was given a roomate. Even though I had the room to myself prior to that, I wasn't really upset about it.... until I met her. She was well known on campus, kinda a bully and she had been kicked off campus the semester before for beating up her roommate. (yeah for me, huh). But I consider myself to be pretty good at getting along with people so I figured it might still be fine.

Problem #1: She brings in about 100 black garbage bags dumps them in the middle of the room (I wasn't there) and then leaves for 3 days. Totally inconsiderate.

Problem #2: When she does return she tells me that the bags are infested with cockroaches and so now is our room probably. Totally gross.

Problem #3: She leaves the room door wide open with her keys in the door and she is on the other side of campus. I don't want my stuff stolen and I can't find her so I shut and lock the door. She comes back and can't get in. My friend overhears her yelling that she's "gonna f*** that b**** up"

I was up in the housing department every week until they finally moved her out.

Back to the car driving to the movies... After I finish Kevin asks me what her name was. I couldn't remember it so jokingly i said, "I think it was something like Shansta." Kevin says, "Shanasta? Who would name their kid that? You should have called her Sha-nasty." I think I laughed for 10 minutes. I couldn't believe he just said that and I shouldn't be laughing but it was hilarious. And all the gross things from that point on became shanasty.

Oh and in case you are still wondering what the big German word means... it's Black Forest Cake.


Misty said...

I am so emailing Chris's BFF (who lives in Berlin) and asking him what "black forest cake" is in German.

colette said...

i like reading your blogs :)

michele said...

At least her name wasn't micheleenschnitzel! Remember I read this! lol!