Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stop the world! I want to get off!

Or maybe just a short break.

I have not stopped moving since Thursday evening. I think I was even moving during the few hours of sleep I got. Don't get me wrong. It's actually been a wonderful weekend and tiring in a good way. At the start of Thursday, I had few weekend plans - just a brunch planned and some cooking. I was not anticipating my social calendar to become jam-packed.

Let me take you on the ride along with me.

Thursday I left work and went straight to the gym and did 45 minutes of circuit training. Then I left the gym and went to the bank and talked to a friend on the phone. We made tenative plans to get together Friday evening. 45 mins after my first workout, I was back in the gym for an hour class. Before going to bed I watched a movie and did some computer work.

Friday. 7:30 am my alarm goes off. I dragged my tired (but excited) butt out of bed. Checked my email to confirm my brunch plans - of which the time was moved up by 15 mins. Eat and head back to the gym. Except I got there later than I planned so I kamikazeed a 45 min workout into 25 mins. Rushed home to shower, dress and get direction to the restaurant in Flint. Proceeded to fight with my computer for 20 minutes trying to get the directions. Finally left with 35 minutes to get to Flint. Luckily, that just about how long it takes (well less if you drive 80 'cause then you'll have time for a car wash) **deep breath ** The brunch was with an old friend from college, Jaime, who is now in the christian music industry. It was a wonderful time of catching up for us. After an hour and a half, I dropped Jaime off at the airport and drove home (this time a little slower).

I spent the next couple hours putting together my workouts and menu for next week and created a grocery list. I was planning on going shopping that afternoon but I was feeling very tired. My friend called to postpone our plans until Saturday, but another friend invited me to a Mary Kay party. I tried to take a nap but was unable to fall asleep. I got up, ate and went to the party. At 9:30 I felt like I hit the wall and was ready to go home and crash. But plans changed again and Hilary was coming over to spend the night. We stayed up talking until about 2 am. It was nice to just sit and talk and I hadn't been able to hang out with her in while.

(are you tired yet)

Saturday morning I was up at 8:30 and crawled out of bed at 9am. I spent a half hour writing and then started breakfast. I made these crazy pancakes out of cottage cheese, eggs and flour. (and by the way, I hate cottage cheese. I hate even looking at it) The pancakes were really good with some jelly on them. It's now 10:30 am and I solidify my afternoon plans and Hilary leaves to start her day. Then I rush to the grocery store and am back home in an hour to meet my friend.

Now comes for the momentary relaxation. My friend comes over. I didn't really want to do anything. She isn't good at doing nothing. So I came up with a plan for her to give me a massage. That way we'd both get what we wanted! Typically I am not into massages at all or being touched in general. In fact she is the only friend of mine I would ever let give do this. But after all the working out and running around it felt great.

After she left I began to cook and cooked for 3 hours. And now I have finally sat down in my apartment all by myself. It seems a little quiet. But it won't be for long. Tonight I am going to out to play music for a couple hours and i still have cooking left to do.

And for tomorrow. Another full day of church, brunch, gym and a party for my mom's boyfriend.

** another deep breath ***

I definitately need a nap!


Misty said...

get a nap.

your mom has a boyfriend??? Awe... how is she?

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