Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Own Movie Melodramatic Moment

Yesterday after a great but intense workout at the gym, I still wanted to go out for a walk. Mostly just to "be" outside. I had a brilliant idea. I would walk to the park and sit outside and read for a little while and then walk back. So I packed a bag and threw on my flip-flops. I intentionally didn't wear sneakers so I wouldn't run.

I got about halfway to where I was headed when I realized the sky ahead of me was getting dark and the wind was picking up. So I smartly decided to turn around and head home. About a 1/2 mile from my house the rain begins and I begin to run. The wind and rain pick up, I pick up as much speed as I can manage in wet flip flops. At some point I decided to just lose the shoes and run barefoot. Sopping wet hair all in my face. And I have this feeling like I'm in a movie scene.... the angry/tramatized/deeply in love heroine running through the rain.

Except all I was running for was because I had a library book in my non-waterproof bag all my windows were open - car and house!

And as only a great movie moment would, as soon as I got everything closed up and out of my drenched clothes the sun came right back out!

Today I'm staying close to home.


Misty said...

well... it sounds incredibly exciting none the less. How's the library book? Did it survive?

colette said...

awww, i miss you, that was a lovely little excerpt from your life:)