Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where are the peeps!?!

Despite my healthy eating habits, I was expecting my mom to buy me peeps for Easter. She always does. I even have her trained to slit the plastic so they start to get stale for me to eat them. This year no peeps! None! Zip! Not one yellow chick or pink bunny.

Instead she bought these cute marshmallow kabobs with butterflies and bumble bees and doggies. While I appreciate her effort. Marshmallows covered in sugar are not all the same. They were not peeps! It's like stopping at the gas station, getting a slush and calling it a slurpee. Not the same thing, people! I went into momentary peep depression. (I am fully aware of the fact that I could just go to the store and buy them for myself, but then I can't justify eating them by saying someone else bought them)

Thankfully, the peep tragedy was short-lived. As I so generously donated my "kabobs" (cause it wasn't worth the calories for the imposters) My coworker generously offered to bring in the remaining 2 (already stale... YES!) peeps from her son in exchange. Thus the peep tragedy has ended.

All morning 2 yellow chicky peeps have been calling to me. I have held out to make them my lunchtime dessert. Soon they will be no more and I'll be waiting for next year. I'll be sure to tell my mom it's peeps or nothing, please.


LaureN said...

OH Tia!
my dad slit the plastic...but they just are not stale enough. there is just something so special about stale peeps (and stale candycanes too!)

Misty said...

you are so funny. I've never liked Peeps. Then again I never had them stale. Maybe that's the key.