Friday, April 30, 2010

She's coming!

Unless the world ends or something in the next couple days.

Am I excited?
You bet!

Am I a little scared?

Often, we want so desperately for someone to enter into our life bubble, have them understand us on a mundane, daily existance sort of way. But letting someone in the bubble can be hard sometimes... a little vulnerable. They see how you fold your towels and where you put your dirty clothes... whether you floss your teeth every day. You know they will love you regardless, but it doesn't always ease your mind.

Once she's here, none of that will matter. God's got great plans. I know. But for the next couple days, I'll be a little anxious.

And to my co-workers who have to put up with more than most people: I am sorry in advance for my lack of concentration, extreme giddiness and non-stop chatter. I'll try and keep it professional.

And to my friend: Safe travels and get here SOON!!


JD said...

Only 136 hours or so :o) I'm on the excited side!

If it makes you feel better, I fold my towels in half lengthwise, then in half again. And we put our dirty laundry down the laundry chute at home. :)

You're right, once I'm there, none of it will matter.

Much Love...

JD said...

So amazing to be here... to really be here...

No words... just love.

P.S. You're right, nothing matters once we're in that moment :)