Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heroes: On Sale Today!

Last week I was on vacation. Anytime I'm with my sister, you can bet on there being much laughter and silly jokes (and being in Vegas... it's a good place to make bets). After several days driving in a big giant circle and stopping to take in the sites at Yosemite, we returned to Vegas for one night before flying home. And here is where our story happens...

I decide to go down to the gift shop to purchase a ring I had seen earlier and was on my way back up to the room. I got onto the elevator alone and inserted my room key in order to choose my floor and close the elevator doors. Only one problem.... it wouldn't read my key. I move over to the other side of the elevator and try again. No luck.

After maybe 4 tries (cause I just know one of these times it is going to work) 2 men get onto the elevator with me. I casually say, "I can't get it to read my key." One of the men tries there and also doesn't work. The man standing closest to me inserts his and it works. We press the button for our respective floors and the doors close.

Man who worked the elevator says, "I only charge $5 for rescuing ladies in elevators."

I casually give a half smile.

Other man says, "Only $5. All the other heroes charge at least $10."

First man: "Well, I'm cheap and easy."

Other man: "That could be taken the wrong way."

At this point I am just standing there. Finally I quip...

"Wow. I have to pay for my own hero. That's pretty pathetic."

They chuckle and the elevator doors open on their floor.


The elevator doors close and I ride to my floor, wondering what to do with that one. Lesson learned: Don't waste your money on heroes. Next time take the stairs.


I did take a ton of photos with my new fancy camera. The following are a few, but if you want to see the really good ones, hop on over here

Let me know which ones you really like.

The orange line is the route we traveled. Over 1000 miles

I found a Sugar Daddy who bought me this ring :D

My new pretty PINK sunglasses

Which one do you think I am drinking?
(Yeah... so apparently all the casino's in Vegas are Pepsi biased)

The most delicious peanut butter carmel apple EVER

Who knows??

Homage to Dirty Dancing


The quintessential tourist postcard shot

My most favorite thing in Las Vegas

No vacation is complete with a Slurpee photo


Misty said...

So fun! what a fun trip! I LOVE your heroes story...

LaureN said...

YAY for dirty dancing photos :D :D :D