Monday, June 21, 2010

The beauty of true friendship

Treasure... there are so many words that come to mind when considering what this friendship means to me, but it’s the one I come back to time and time again. Treasure. When one thinks of treasure, they might see it as receiving something of great value and that the gift is in the receiving of it, it’s a one time thing... you receive it, you have it, the end. End of responsibility, end of blessings. Blessing. Answered prayers. This is how I see the gift you have offered me. Just when I think our friendship has gone as high and deep as it can go, when it seems love has reached its limit.

This is so much more. There is always more.

That’s what makes this friendship beyond measure – you are my treasure, but the gift of treasuring you is what gives incredible depth to this friendship, it’s what gives me immense joy. We are connected in the Spirit. You seem to know when I am hurting even when I try to hide it. You know when to hold me and keep me from falling and when to let go so I do. God uses your inadequacies for my good. When you smile, my heart bubbles with joy. When you cry (a little too often) I cry with you (a little too often).

Being given this treasure, treasuring it, being entrusted with it, relying on God completely and depending on the constant connection from Him in order to pour into the treasure of you and care for you, to learn how to love you... learning from Him, learning from you, learning from myself... This friendship, it’s a gift from Him, but also to Him... it’s a gift from you, but also to you. In the giving and receiving of this treasure, this gift, I have been thoroughly blessed with lessons on how to love, give, grow, teach, lead, pray, seek, pray, worship... I am honored to spend time on my knees talking to Daddy asking him to bless you. It brings me such pleasure when He whispers in my ear just what you need for the moment. I ask him to continue to bless this friendship. He reminds me to be ever mindful not to take one moment for granted. Each one is a blessing. Each one is fulfilling a greater eternal blessing.

You’re a companion for the autumn of my life, someone who somehow makes the already glorious colors of life intensify into the deepest, most brilliant shades and who sees them the way I do and yet teaches me how to see them from a fresh perspective. I knew the kind of friend I was longing for, but didn’t think I would ever find you. Someone who understood me without much explanation and appreciated all the crazy quirky things about me. Someone who knew the beauty of the 'little things'. You walked in, shining your personal sunshine into the dark places that just needed a little attention and made yourself at home.

It is said that when two or more meet in His name, He is there, and I have seen this, felt this, experienced this every day with you. I’ve felt so incredibly close to Him when I’m with you. His presence is breathtaking. Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself. (1 Sam 18:1) My spirit, as well, swells in overwhelming awe of this grand orchestration.

This friendship has shown me and taught me about the relentless passion of God’s love in ways that will never be given justice by mere words. The meaning of this friendship is in the beauty of experiencing it... together... with Him. (((No words….. just my heart…. Just His heart.)))


JD said...

Hmmm, that's funny, I have a post that matches this one perfectly...

Thank you, for so much, for so much more, for everything! It's always been hard to put into words, but this does it beautifully.

Misty said...

Friendship is certainly the theme of my life right now, and this fit right in.

My happiness project June theme has been friendship and it caused me to really clarify the ones i have and re-evaluate some. I feel like every time I look a new direction, God is bringing something else into focus friendship wise.

Beautiful post, Tia...