Friday, July 16, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of a Star!

At my desk, I have several sheets of star stickers. They come in handy sometimes. Especially, when you want to change something.

I had one co-worker, retired now, who came to get a star if he could say “No” to a request 4 times in one day (yeah, maybe not quite the thing to encourage, but it made him happy). He would come into the office with his portfolio and ask for his star. I would stick it right next to all the other ones. He ended up with quite a few. Wonder if maybe that is one of the fonder things he remembers.

More recently, I once again witnessed the power of recognition. Since the beginning of the year paperwork continually crosses my desk that is half- heartedly filled out. At first, there was one person “J” who never entered the time he closed out a request. I made a request to the foreman that the time be included. As of late, I’ve noticed everyone else except “J” forgetting this detail. So this week, I gave “J” a star. Just to say thanks and keep up the good work. And wouldn’t you know since then, ALL my sheets have been filled out including the time. “J” even shouted a “thanks for the star” out as he drove out for the afternoon in his big road truck.

Never underestimate even the smallest forms of encouragement. It might just change someone’s day.

Everybody loves a gold star. Even grown-ups.

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JD said...

Positive reinforcement certainly goes a long, long way. We can tend to focus on the mistakes we've made, until someone genuinely recognizes the efforts we're making, and it makes all the difference.

We actually have the "gold star" thing here at the office too. Our Finance department audits our transactions each month, and those who have theirs perfectly executed receive a "gold star", except it's virtual, not the actual sticker. I think they should go for the real stickers, I'd like to collect a few :)