Saturday, October 30, 2010


Novembers have become a little hard for me to get through. Since this is the year of "so much more," I am praying for THIS November to be different. I am going to really try to focus on the positive. Last November started with a wonderful gift when I got to meet a new friend face to face. Those few hours that Saturday afternoon began something that has become a treasured friendship that has been a huge part of this year being "so much more." Also, I got to spend Thanksgiving with my dad and sister for the first time in many years. And I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner! So good things did happen, but there were still dark moments. Another friend gotta treated really badly and that relationship ended because of it. The dark cloud hung overhead a little too much.

This year, November is once again starting off well. Next weekend my sister will be home. I love spending time with her. We always end up laughing hysterically and acting like little kids and getting use out of all our inside jokes. She wanted my whole family to go out to dinner together while she was home to celebrate Thanksgiving, but some poo-pooed the idea (I'm not naming names, but it wasn't me). So I'm thinking maybe I just make Thanksgiving for her and I on Friday night. We'll see.

The second weekend of November, I am traveling to North Carolina. I will finally get to meet 2 other friends I got to know last year and spend some time with them and get to meet their families. I am hoping the time together is stretched and blessed. While down there, I also am planning on seeing friends who are very dear to my heart. I haven't seen them in 4 years and I know it will do my heart good to be with them again.

As yet, there is nothing planned for the second half of November, which is typically when the black cloud likes to descend. I am praying for some opportunities or projects that will be fulfilling and purposeful. Trusting that "so much more" will happen.

“It is hard to hear the north wind again,
And to watch the treetops, as they sway.

They sway, deeply and loudly, in an effort,
So much less than feeling, so much less than speech,

Saying and saying, the way things say
On the level of that which is not yet knowledge:

A revelation not yet intended.
It is like a critic of God, the world

And human nature, pensively seated
On the waste throne of his own wilderness.

Deeplier, deeplier, loudlier, loudlier,
The trees are swaying, swaying, swaying.”

- Wallace Stevens, The Region November

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Michele said...

You can always spend Turkey Day or the end of the month with me! :)