Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Art of Mooching

It’s official. My co-worker Ms. Sassy and I… we are professional mooches. A sweet smile, a well-timed hint and what guy could resist!?! Whether its diet cokes, slurpees, or lunches, we have it made. And no… we don’t feel bad. But we don’t take it for granted either, we genuinely appreciate it and make sure the guys know it. Then we help them out as much as we can.

Today, Ms. Sassy was craving some Thai food for lunch, but neither of us wanted to get it. I casually mentioned to Mr. Chatty 1 that Kelly was looking for someone to get her, I mean us, lunch today and wondered where he was going. (We didn’t want to be picky and demand he go where we wanted, we do have standards) God was listening because Mr. Chatty 1 called and asked if Thai food sounded good. Ummm… Yeah! Drunken Noodles for Ms. Sassy, which I tasted and it was yummy. For me, Pad Khing. I usually get a curry dish, but I went with something different today. Crazy! It was good too.

I do plan on giving Mr. Chatty 2 some grief about us getting lunch from Mr. Chatty 1. He has owed me a lunch for 4 years now and still hasn’t taken me. (In his defense, he keeps his frig stocked with diet coke and his office often contain licorice and lemon cookies for me) It’s important to still give him a hard time. Let him know that I see how high of a priority I am to him, while Mr. Chatty 1 follows through immediately. Now we know who is of what caliber *wink wink*.

Tia’s Quick and Easy Mooching Tips

1. Facial expression is very important. The best approach is generally the sweet and innocent look. Smile and bat your eyelashes just slightly. But if the day isn’t going so well, a harried, stressful about to cry look can often be equally as useful.

2. Develop a code word or phrase. Of course this will take some time and training, but saves time and hassle in the long run. My phrase of choice “Are you busy today?” or “How generous are you feeling?” With that and #1, I generally have a diet coke on my desk within a reasonable amount of time.

3. This of course is the most important rule if you wish to get more than one thing. SAY THANK YOU ALWAYS!

And just think the holidays are coming up…


Kelly said...

Love the post! :)

It is a team effort...we usally discuss what we are going to "mooch" before we approaching Mr. Chatty-Cathy!! We are bad influences on each other!

Your right, this Holidays are coming...we better get our wish list ready!! ;)


Your partner in crime-Ms. Sassy!

JD said...

**Cracking up** Love the play by play via email as it all unfolds too... sounds like you scored well today :o)

It's those blue eyes...