Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twinkies, Ho-Hos, and Ding Dongs. Oh My!

My sister and I (like many siblings) speak our own language. Little inside jokes and movie quotes that send us into histerics while others (typically our parents) stare wondering what joke they just missed. My dad finds a show about the circus on TV and I say, "Why would you need to watch a show about the circus when you have one right here?" *giggles ensue*

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which side you are on) my sister, Tiffany lives many hours to the cold north of me and we don't see each other all that often. This past weekend she was able to come home due to a work seminar close by. (the government is good for something)

Saturday was to be spent with my mom and new step-dad Wayne. We arrived around noon and after lunch and picking up some things for dinner, we went back to the house to hang out. I wanted to give my mom and sister a chance to talk and catch up, so I convienently took a nap. Or tried... because the clocks chiming every 15 minutes was a bit hard to sleep through. Then we had dinner. It was a good dinner... in theory. Steak, salad veggies and creamed potatoes. Except, when my sister went to get the milk to finish the cream sauce my mom pointed to the vanilla almond milk and thought nothing strange of that. Meanwhile, I am looking at my sister and she is looking at me. I am biting my tongue. Something like this was bound to happen... usually does. Overall, it didn't taste much different, but you could smell the vanilla and that kinda grossed me out.

As I mentioned, Wayne is new to the family. He hasn't spent much time around my sister and I and seen us dance, sing and get crazy. Tiff asked him after dinner if he was thinking, "Am I sure glad I had a boy." He said he was enjoying us and missed having voices around the house. I thought that was sweet.

In post dinner sleepiness things start to go downhill. When I am tired, they tend to go that way fast. My mom casually mentions that her 'honeybun' bought her jewelry on their honeymoon. Tiff asks my mom if her nickname is cupcake.

Enter tired Tia.

I take off on this theme and start with cinnimon roll, french toast, waffle.... How about bacon? Candian bacon? Tiff and I are both laughing. "Oh sauage patty, can I get your help?"

*Rolling now* Mom is looking at Wayne. He is looking at her. She says, "So glad they have their own sense of humor. I don't get it." Through fits of laughter I tell her it's not even that funny, but it's making us laugh which make it funny. Yeah... she didn't get that either.

Then I bring out the big guns. "Twinkie? Ho-Ho?" And Tiff responds with "Ding Dong."

We couldn't catch our breath.

I knew things would only get worse as the night went on and by the glazed bewildered looks in mom and Wayne's eyes they might not be able to take much more without having nightmares. We took our leave for the night and came home to laugh to ourselves until we fell asleep.

The following day we had breakfast with dad and planned on having Thanksgiving dinner that evening. After coming home to get some things done around the house, I went to my dad's for dinner. Even though it was a little early and a Sunday, everything else felt just like Thanksgiving. The turkey smelled great. The Lions played football and lost. Couldn't be more traditional.

Eventually, I had to leave even though my sister tried to lock me in the bedroom. It was a great weekend.

I love you, Tiff.

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Tiffany said...

Finally, a blog about the best sister in the world!!! I Love You too!