Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Animal Attraction

AKA: My wonderful 4th of July weekend.

At the beginning of the week, I got news that my boring-looking weekend was about to change as I would have a guest coming to visit.

This is Stephen

Day 1 – the Zoo
There is something about the zoo that brings out the child in me. Ok, I admit… it takes far less than the zoo to do that. But none-the-less it was a beautiful warm, but not too warm summer day to see the animals and capture photographic memories.

A young school boy informed me the otters 'were mating'
I just thought they were telling secrets

Look like a familar scene?

This is Stephen before he shaved

Hmmm.... is it more ethical for me to eat the scorpions or the crickets...

What you talkin' 'bout Willis?

Spa Day

I'm 'little'

These 2 waddled right up and struck a pose.

The scarlet ibis is my favorite bird. Identity crisis??

This one looks like it came from Jim Henson's studio

Hey, did you know there was a new muppet movie coming out this fall?

As usual – additional photos (the best ones!) can be seen over here.

Day 2 was too humid to do much of anything, except maybe suffer with allergies. We stayed in the AC for the day, talking, reading and resting.

No summer day is complete without a Slurpee.
I have a rep to protect.

Day 3 – What visit to Michigan could be complete without seeing Bronner’s and Frankenmuth? No, we didn’t have chicken dinner. (I know – but not my favorite, that’s all I’m saying) We did get ice cream and taffy :D

Gotta do the woman's work

After returning home, we walked to the beach until the mosquitoes drove us crazy and we were forced to walk back. Singing at the lake… amazing. Fireflies in a field at dusk… more amazing. Seeing a spectacular sunset to top off a wonderful weekend… awesome!

And Monday after an early drive to the airport .... I slept!

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