Friday, December 23, 2011

When Christmas Becomes Something Else

Sitting at my desk on Wednesday morning, my cell phone rings. It's my dad calling. He's not one to usually call me, especially when I am at work, but he'd called a couple time in the last few weeks for little things. So I answered it non-chalantly.

Grandpa had a stroke this morning. I'm on my way up there now.

I get what few details my dad has and silently begin praying. Almost more for my grandma than my grandpa. Weren't my dad and I just talking about what would happen to the other once one was gone? Then I went on working for the day, waiting to hear further news.

Later that evening, I spoke with my dad again. Grandpa was doing fairly well. He couldn't speak other than "yep" and movement on his right side was very limited. Plans were being adjusted to take care of my grandparents. But those plans would mean I wouldn't see my dad for Christmas. My sister wasn't coming home anyway. So it looked like it was going to be just my mom and I this year.

The weight of not feeling a part of a family was weighing heavy. No one really seemed to understand that sometimes this is hard for me. I didn't want to be selfish about it, but it didn't change the disappointment.

But God...

He knows. He is the one who created us to be in families, as crazy as they can be at times.

My dad called today and asked if I would come up tomorrow to celebrate Christmas and my sister would come down. We would surprise my grandparents for a short visit, as I need to be back on Christmas day to see my mom. It would be hard to be with my grandma and all the emotions she is going through and seeing my grandpa in a hospital bed - but they would be surrounded by family. They would know they are still loved and not forgotten about just because they are old(er). That's what Christmas is supposed to be about. Gifts and trees and cookies aren't what is important - LOVE IS!


My dad called again. They may be releasing my grandpa from the hospital tomorrow. It has already been decided that he will enter a rehab center downhere so the whole family can be close by for him and my grandma.

So, I don't know yet whether I will be driving up north in the morning or waiting for them to come down here. Either way - Life is here and it travels with Hope and Love.

Merry Christmas!


Reese said...

Merry Christmas, Tia. I hope your Christmas is abundantly full of hope and lots of love; and, your new year too. : )


Reese said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandpa, but know that I will be praying for him, your grandma, and entire family.