Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Selling Kids?

Celimphilo will be 14 in April. It’s hard to believe I have been sponsoring him for 6 years now. Typically his letters are very short – well wishes and answers to any questions I may have asked and that’s it. 

A few months ago a letter arrived that gave me precious insight into the heart of this boy I barely know. In his letter he told me that it had been cold in Swaziland and the blanket they had received several years ago was now worn out. Even in school he was cold and because he didn’t have anything of his own, he was wearing his older sister’s sweater to school. What teenage boy anywhere wants to wear their sister’s clothes?

So I did what I could to help and this week I got a letter.

“… We have managed to buy a she goat, school shoes and jersey which will keep him warm in cold seasons. They will multiply itself, kids will be sold for school needs.”

When I first read it I thought:                 Selling kids?? Huh? I thought I was doing all this work to keep kids from being sold… Oh wait kids… baby goats. Boy I’m slow today. Pretty impressive that one she goat can multiply itself! I’m sure the she would never be caught with any of those male goats that roam around the village.  

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Anne said...

Hi Tia!
I have finished all of your blogs. I was so inspired and often times overwhelmed.I so appreciate your volunerability, honesty and heart for truth.So refreshing!! Your stories of Ghana truly touched my heart and left me believing I was there with you. Such a gift of writing! Your pictures were amazing. You captured an unbelievable amount through passionate photos. Well done my dear friend. Keep the blogging moving.
Love, Anne