Thursday, April 19, 2012


He see things in black and white. Right and wrong. The sign says no trespassing … What if we get caught? This is wrong. Isn’t it? Always trying to play by the rules. Pounding the dirt path of living by the law.

She sees things with fluid non-defined borders. How can one judge without knowing the circumstances or the lessons that have been learned? She trusts in forgiveness. Swimming in the waters of grace.

The question of law or grace goes way back in time to the first century and we are still trying to figure out the right recipe today.

 It’s not all law nor is it all grace.  But what is it?

 It’s mud.
Yep. Dirty mud.

It is dirt mixed with some water creating something different altogether. It’s almost impossible to separate out just water or just dirt from mud. One always comes along with at least a little bit of the other. The law needs a little grace to soften its dry hardness. Grace needs some boundaries for firmness to walk on.

Law gives a firmer foundation 
while grace provides some cushion.

Might give a whole new meaning to mud-wrestling!

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Misty said...

So good... love this Tia..