Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reflected Light

One of the things Stephen and I did this weekend in Boston was visit the Museum of Science. It was filled with many hand-on exhibits in so many different areas of science. The area we spent the most time in was all about LIGHT. We played with prisms, lasers, black lights and colors.

There was one activity that used light, colored panels and mirrors to make art on a white wall. I could not figure out how to best use the mirrors to shift and move the colors. I either ended up with nothing but shadows on the wall or one square of color. I gave up and went onto the next thing that caught my attention without much thought about it.

Later I would see this in a whole different light.

A dear friend of mine is in the midst of working through a difficult family situation where emotions are intense. Stephen and I were discussing the best way to help her find the truth in God's Word and encourage her. The exhibit from the museum flashed in my mind. It creatively illustrates the idea of the true light being reflected off our emotional mirrors. If we set up those mirrors (our thought and feelings) right, it can create reflected beauty. But if they are placed incorrectly or turned the wrong way the darkness remains.

Are our emotional mirrors reflecting the light or deflecting it?

The ability to create art with the light of truth is in us. What is being reflected on the wall to be seen? What is being bounced off the emotional mirrors? Are there too many shadows? Is it just one color: all blue with sadness, too much bitter green, or blazing angry red? Turn the mirrors to reflect the beauty of the true light.

And just like the exhibit at the museum, it takes time and it isn't easy, but almost nothing beautiful ever is.

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