Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sorry, Not an ATM

I've come to the conculsion that most people have lost the ability to have relationship, to even know what that is supposed to look like. Instead, we've become a culture with "interactions." We find it so much easier. Why shouldn't people be just like the machines we've come to rely on?

Our lives are so busy and we forget that we actually chose the things that fill up our time. Most of which aren't as important as we think they are at the time.

Genuine relationships... who has time for those??


When we hit a bump in the road, we expect our so-called friends to be there. Yet, we treat them like an ATM machine... drive up, make a withdrawl and drive away. We don't even have to have an active account at the bank and we just expect the ATM to provide and not expect anything in return.

The next generation is sufferring from getting just the drive-thru version of their parents. The sad thing is, they don't even know anymore that it could be different. That it should be different!  The parents themselves don't even have relationship with each other, because they never took the time to really build one... they just "fell in love."

My heart aches for us all. I believe God's heart aches even more. This isn't the example Jesus left us.

I know my words here aren't going to change anything or anyone (cause we're really good at denial and justifying our actions). I still feel it's good for me to tell you -

I am not an ATM.
I am a person with worth who desires to love and be loved.

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I LOVE this post T :D