Friday, March 27, 2009

Blistered Foot

Recently, I bought new running shoes, of the same brand I usually buy. Like one is supposed to do, I have been rotating my old shoes and my new shoes until the new ones are broken in. Things with the new ones are not going well. They are extremely comfortable and supportive, but 3 times now I have gotten a blister in the exact same spot. After today's run I now have a blister underneath the dried out skin from the last 2 blisters. It's not painful so much as annoying. Plus as I begin to run longer and longer I am concerned that every week I am going to blister it again. I wonder, do I stop running until it completely heals? But that seems like giving up too easily.

As I thought about this, I realized there must be some larger life metaphor for this. Life blistering us over and over in the same places. The same struggles over and over, whether it's health, finances or temptations. How do we find healing? Do we give up or keep running the race toward the prize? And furthermore, what happens when our hearts become hard and calloused in that area? I wish I had the answers to my own questions.

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LaureN said...

i wish you had answers to your questions too :) but they are good questions.
you're always so good w/ the questions. the stare out the window right now staring at the clouds...thinking up my own "answers" and only coming up with more questions.