Friday, June 12, 2009


Have you ever tried "putting out a fleece" just to find it soaking wet and disinegrated? How do you interpret that?

Let me back up for those of you who read this that aren't familiar with christian lingo and explain the concept of putting out a fleece. In the Bible there was a guy named Gideon and God told him to take get some guys together and go fight this huge army. Of course Gideon was like "Are you serious, God?!?" Just to be sure he wasn't hearing voices that should have him committed he decided to put a fleece outside his tent that night. He asked God to keep the fleece dry if God really wanted him to do this. The next morning the fleece was dry. Gideon still wasn't sure. Could have been a coincidence of the weather or something. So he put the fleece out a second time and asked God to make dew appear on the fleece. The next morning the fleece was damp and everything around it was dry. Then Gideon knew God was directing him into battle.

Over the last couple months I have had my own fleece out, in a sense. It's been a little disappointing. Probably because I had predetermined what I wanted the answer to be and like a typical spoiled human I also wanted the answer to come in the way that I had chosen for it to come. God isn't on board with my plans so it seems. He took my fleece and turned it into a wet blanket.

The easiest response is to get discouraged and disappointed. Should I give up? Nope. Maybe I just need to find a sheep shearer and get an actual fleece. It might be easier to interpret.


Anonymous said...

Hey! This week's sermon was on being a back seat driver instead of letting God take us where he wants us to go! Sound familiar? We are always trying to manipulate where he is driving us.

Lauresa said...

Hmmm. This sounds familiar. Sister..... :-)