Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Sparrow Sized Prayer

I admit it. I was in a funk. A little cold shoulder to God for not coming thru the way I wanted. Good thing God’s big enough not to really care. He still loves me. He’s still working out his plan in my life. He knows that I’ll come back around because after all he is Faithful and True and ultimately the only one worth having on your side.

Speaking of sides, PBS Great Performances had Chess in Concert on recently. Never heard of the musical Chess?? Neither had I. I think if you blinked anytime during 1984 you probably missed it, too. After watching it, I can understand why. The story was a bit convoluted, but the music……. Ahhhh the music. It’s intricate and beautiful. If anything can bring me out of a funk (or put me in one) its music. Honestly, the music might not be that great on it’s own. But for this concert the singers included Josh Groban (Hello! My fantasy boyfriend is singing! I was in love with it from note one.) Idina Menzel (Loved her when I saw her in Rent on Broadway and of course as the voice of Elphaba) and Adam Pascal (also from Rent). Combine them with some strong Broadway ballads and I’m in heaven. In fact, I am convinced I will hear sounds similar to those on the soundtrack when I’m in heaven.. So momentarily Chess is my new obsession.

Back to God answering prayers. Driving down the road (listening to my new Chess soundtrack) I had the thought that I shouldn’t quit praying about Gideon being able to come to the wedding, even though it seemed like a lost cause at this point. So I offered up my un-believing request once again for Uncle to concede to give Gideon more time and left the thought there.

Yesterday as I was getting into my car after work when I got a text from G. that said, “Are you still going to the wedding? I wish my short time was enough.” I felt bad. I told him I was still going and couldn’t his uncle stay just one more hour? He said he could do another hour. The only thing I could think of was how much God loves me and how he prompted me to pray even when I thought it was hopeless. I know it’s only a wedding, only a few hours on a Saturday evening. But God cares enough even about even such a small thing because it mattered to my heart.

It has not gone unappreciated. Thank you, Jesus!

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