Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who Knew?

For all of you who have been on my case about an update, I am finally getting around to it. Over Memorial weekend I traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC for a get away. I didn't have any expectations, took no time to look up possible things to do, or put any of my typical thought and worry into conversations to have. It was a glorious worry free couple of days.

I was able to stay with my dear friend Michele (thanks again M!) God definitely led the weekend and provided me with a wonderful mirror into my life and how far I have come. The things he made unique about me and the places he has changed me into a better, happier person. I saw just how soveriegn God is and that nothing we do or fail to do will keep hime from His purposes. The conversations I had with not only my friend, but with her friends and family were so life-giving and encouraging. It didn't even realize that times like that were missing in my life until they were restored. It was such an unexpected blessing. My heart was full!

The whole weekend I only took this one picture of myself.

I was home for one day before heading off to my second vacation. Time at my grandparents with my dad and sister there too. We went on a hike and up to Sleeping Bear Dunes. I took more pictures there. You can see the cool ones over at Overlapping Differences. But every trip I take, there has to be at least one slurpee picture.

Now I am back to the daily grind. I came back to work to find one person was let go. We packed up the office and moved into a new building. It's a new phase in every way and I'm excited to see whar God may have in store.

Last night I went to a church to hear some friends talk about where God is leading them in aviation ministry and meet a new friend of theirs. In the worship time and later talking to him, I again had that feeling of experiencing something I had been missing and didn't even know it.

Now I know and I don't want to let it go.

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