Monday, January 4, 2010

To Colette

This is my "till I see you next" message to you as you head off on your own.

I have been truly honored and blessed being your friend. I loved the afternoons and long nights we've spent talking and laughing. Thank you for trusting me and wanting to hang out with the "older crowd." I think back on bible study and swing dancing (the couple times I went) and the "boys" :D

I am super excited for you as you try your own wings out. I know this experience will shape you will become in the future. I hope you make lots of new, wonderful and deep friendship. Mostly, I know you will grow in faith and knowledge of the love of God. I'll be anxiously awaiting my first letter.

Soar high, my little bird!

(for the rest of you - here is proof of my hugging)


JD said...

Ahhhhhhh, I love photographic proof of hugging!! :o)

Praying for Colette's new beginnings!!

colette said...

TIA!!!! ILOVEYOUSOMUCH! thanks for the encouragement, im looking fwd to your letters as well. ill be praying for you:D