Friday, March 19, 2010

Moses and Me

Can we talk Moses a little bit?

I’m not sure I really understood him until recently. He’s always just kind of been this superhero with a bad past character, who ultimately blows it right at the end. But in between all that…. He spoke with and saw God!

God knew what He was going to use Moses to deliver the Israelites and I think Moses had an inkling of that long before he was commissioned through the Burning Bush. It was the sense of injustice that welled up causing him to kill an Egyptian. Quickly followed by doubt, fear and running. Oh yeah… I can relate to that part.

Several years ago, I had a very close friend who unfortunately had to trudge through some very hard things I didn’t understand and couldn’t really relate to. Still, because I loved her, I was armed and ready to slay the enemy, put out fires, carry her crosses each and every one. Only problem was I hadn’t been commissioned yet. I felt the emotions and went forward guns a-blazing and in the process managed to do more damage to our relationship that anything else. When that ended… I ran for the hills to hide in safer fields of keeping people away.

I knew that God had a calling of this sort on my life, but it wasn’t time yet. I still had training and preparation that needed to be completed. I am just now beginning to see it this way.

Once Moses was following God instead of darting out in front, he was unstoppable. And God granted him such closeness and intimacy. Moses dwelled in the presence of God. Many times, scripture tells us how he went into the cloud and stayed. These past few months of my life, things have been changing. I have been deeper into that cloud than I think I’ve ever been and I am beginning to see Moses less as a story character and more like a man who just dwelled so close to God, it became easy to trust. Strike a rock for water? Why not? Cross a raging river? Ah… we’ve seen it before. No big deal…

I have taken off my sandals and allowed my feet to touch hallowed ground. I have tentatively put my foot into the Jordan River and watched as the waters part. I am listening more intensely to the nuances of my Father’s voice and there is less questioning of whether it is Him speaking. It’s addicting and intoxicating and strangely overwhelming at times. And yet, I have never felt so alive and full of love and joy. I have never been so sure of the kingdom purposes laid out for me before my birth.

Now, when the call comes and the enemy is beating hard at the door of someone I love. I know whose strength I stand on. I pick up my sword and shield and run in behind the banner of Love…this battle belongs to the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Dear sweet girl, you are indeed a treasure.