Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Much More

First of all.... HAPPY 100th POST TO ME!!!
There are times its important to celebrate whatever little things you can.

Because this is such a momentumental post, it couldn't be just about anything. Right before the beginning of the year, I decided to declare this year - 2010 - the year of "so much more."
So for post #100 I thought I would look back on the last 3 months and share some of my "so much more" thus far this year.

The new year started with me bringing in a whole lot less of the negative, uneccesary and no-no's. Almost immediately I experienced so much more understanding, love, strength, peace and the presence of God.

Several new friends have come into my life of varying degrees. The love they show me is so much more than I ever expected or often feel I deserve. These relationships feed my soul and push me closer to God in greater ways. I am able to love them so much more. Many of these friends I have been blessed with meeting face to face and it has been an incredible experience.

I have been so much more social and carefree than the last couple of years had seen. Many years ago, one of my roomates would always tell me to go put in pigtails and be "Tia" whenever I would get to overly concerned with something. This year... pigtails have not been necessary (although I will still wear them cause I can and they make me look young and cute).

I am understanding my purpose in life so much more. Knowing it brings joy and contentment to the everyday grind. My soul has swelled to heights and depths it has never reached before. With that I have also been priveldged to carry and feel much more pain. But I know, even that will serve its purpose and lead to so much more good as well.

And a very special friendship has led to so much more, I don't even have words. But my heart is stretching to treasure all the things God has orchestrated on this journey for how ever long our paths should travel the same direction.

Most importantly, life has just been filled with so much more of God and just basking in His love and presence here with me as I walk, run, trip and crawl my way through life.

The year is young, there is still so much more to come....


JD said...

All too honored to celebrate your 100th post with you!!

The year of "so much more"... I think your declaration for this year is rubbing off on me, perhaps through osmosis? It has been the year of "so much more". I wonder if it's the way we brought in the New Year?

These last few months have been incredible. Watching things unfold in your life, walking side by side with you as we share in each other's life, has been breathtaking.

It IS leading to much more good. It already has.

Walk, run, trip, crawl... and let's not forget free fall...


Misty said...

Happy 100th post, my friend...

I loved reading this post, I love you being so happy and living free. :)

Hope said...

Woohooo!! Happy 100th post gorgeous! I am so excited for you. This journey you are on is beautiful. It might have some detours and roadblocks, but you are making your way through them with grace and strength. Proud of you.