Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 The Year of ???

Last year for the first time I decided to give the upcoming year a name. Something to focus on, to strive for, a prayer asking God to fulfill. As you know 2010 was the year of So Much More. It was "more" in so many ways, more love, more tears, more friends, and more challenges and more opportunities. It was a year I will never forget, a year that changed me dramatically.

Now the new year is here and I have been thinking about what this year could be for me. Many bloggers are defining the year with one word. In talking with my friend she suggested that my word for 2011 should be VICTORY.



Immediately I balked at this idea. Me.... victory?

Victory can be defined as success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle. It means you win after you fight. I'm not one of those people who win, unless its Jeopardy on the computer. I didn't win at sports or spelling bees. I never won French bingo. I don't win give-aways. Once I won a doll playing roulette at a fair, but I think they might have been bribed to give it to me... not sure... but I digress. You get the point. And the obstables in my life don't seem to be going away. Yeah. Add to that a lack of that grit and soul that drives people to do things like the Iron Man or climbing Mt. Everest. So when I thought about victory as my word, it seemed to be the opposite of what I would choose.

How about something light and fluffy like happy, or love or even dreams? Victory... that means a battle to fight. Determination to overcome. And much opportunity to fail and falter. Something like running a marathon - exhausted but knowing you are determined to cross that finish line or die trying. Maybe I should just run the 26.2 and claim that as my victory and not worry about the rest of the year.

The more I've thought about it and that word, the more I think it's a word I need to embrace, to challenge myself with. If I don't believe I can overcome, I never will. And believe me... I have a lot to overcome. If I fall, I can remind myself I am striving for victory and it will encourage me to get back up and try again. Victory doesn't mean I never stumble. You aren't disqualified from the race for falling or walking. All that matters is crossing the finish line.

At the finish line of 2011 I will celebrate all the victories great and small.

I will be a warrior and a winner. VICTORY is mine.


Courtney said...

I love you so very much. You are my dragonfly. So fly, dragonfly.

JD said...

This post alone is a victory, and a beautifully strong start to the marathon of 2011...

I am honored to run alongside of you this year, and I will be there with you as you cross the finish line, both of us out of breath but exhilarated, and I'll say "that's exactly how I saw it, I knew, and I'm proud of you, beyond measure. That's my Tia, strong, brave, beautiful, and victorious."

Jen said...

Tia... this is so amazing :)

Michele said...

I love you!