Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Canada

My vacation is over. (insert appropraite groans and whines) but the 2 weeks were filled with much love, laughter, Christmas spirit, and child-like anticipation. Just what the doctor ordered. I was beyond spoiled in ways I have been since I was little. While it was a little uncomfortable at first, I think I could get used to it ;)

My favorite moments were probably at the gym... being able to inflict the same hope, inspiration and pain that were inflicted on me several years ago, while still making it fun. We definitely provided entertainment for the other gym patrons.

Here are a smattering of other moments...

Decorating the tree or myself?...not sure yet

Rooted in love
(doesn't my friend look AMAZING!?!)

She even had a stocking for me - blue even :)

Jillian and I (with some help from Brandon) did
the gingerbread house. I think my parts were the
worst actually. Decorating isn't in my future.

Side hiding the sad attempt I made

Ginger... sleepy dog on Christmas morning

My bestie and I

My Jots.... your hoodie looks familiar

Don't forget to check out the best photos over here

And now the year 2010 is over and it was most certainly for me.... a year of so much more.

Onto 2011 whatever it may bring.

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