Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mr. Hamilton was Asian?

Every Sunday I have brunch with my dad at Jenny's resturant. Most of the staff knows what we want without us even ordering (we are both creatures of habit, with little variation). This morning, a surprisingly tall Asian man comes in with his 2 young incredibly adorable boys, ages 3 and 2 (we found out later). The 3 year old was pumped full of energy and talking juice. From the moment they walked in he was going. "Daddy... I don't wanna sit there... I don't wanna sit there daddy!" Daddy had that parental look of simply enduring the endless attempts for his attention and responding as only necessary. Perhaps with that look of wondering when its mommy's turn again. Coming back from the bathroom he "Giddy up!'s" his way back to the table.

They finish eating and little boy is making a show of how he can put his hat on all by himself.
Dad hands boy the bill and asks how much it is while he digs out his wallet. Little boy jumps up and says "$28 Daddy." His dad, knowing better, hands him a $20 bill. Little boy, "Look daddy. Look at how I am holding it." As he shows his dad that he has the $20 and the bill held between his thumb and index finger. Daddy nods while trying to get coat on little brother and his own gloves and coat.

So.... then....

Little boy looks at the money and says, "Daddy, this picture kinda looks like you."

Dad breaks out in a grin (as do the rest of us around them) and says, "Yeah. Kinda."

Alexander Hamilton was Asian. Who knew?

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