Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to North Carolina

I had a wonderful opportunity to get back to North Carolina this spring to visit some dear friends. I started my trip visiting my Firefly. We enjoyed a bowling alley birthday party and a realatively peaceful sleep over with several young girls. These are the cuties I got to laugh and cuddle with... (I got to do those with Courtney too, but she probably wouldn't be assumed at the photo I had of her bowling)

From there I drove a little north to see long time friends, the Fords. I was loooking forward to continuing to rebuild relationships with them. I wanted to take some time and do something special with the kids. And even had the opportunity to do something special for Julie as well.

On a particularly warm day, Abi and I went for a walk through the neighborhood, stopping at the playground for some silly photos.

For our special time, Abi suggested we go to the park and watch the sunset - perhaps finding some dandelions to make wishes on. She picked this because it's a memory we shared here in Michigan before she moved. We got some snacks and kicked a ball around, having a wonderful evening just the two of us.

my favorite photo of the night

our shadows lengthening

making our wishes - for time to stretch

Aaron is 17 now, not typically the age that wants to hang out with fairly "uncool" adults. He and I have always had a good relationship and he's like a younger brother. One thing we have in common now is music. After asking Abi to write some lyrics, Aaron and I set down to put some music to it.

The easiest way to speak to a skinny teenager - offer to take him to lunch. After a great lunch with some great conversation, we decided to go play a round of putt-putt golf (or mini golf for the rest of you). We finished just as the rain started. We finished off the afternoon by spending some time in Sam Ash and then getting a little lost on the way home. But it was a little more time together.

I didn't do!! I'm innocent (well....)

The trip ended with a very special night at a local coffeehouse hosting it's Friday night open-mic night. Aaron and some friends put together a band and performed several songs. Julie and Abi continued to work on getting me up there to play.

3 musketeers

Aaron on bass

Finally after much coercion...

What finally convinced me to do it? My friend Julie simply sharing her heart that it would make her night for me to be brave and sing. I wanted to give her that gift, and in the end it gave her the gift of bravery to get up there shortly after and sing with some people she met just that night. It wasn't a perfect performance, but I know that wasn't what mattered in the end.

I hope it isn't too long before I can get back to visit again, creating more memories and stories for a lifetime.

For a few more artsy photos check here

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Misty said...

this post blessed me so much, Tia! I am so glad you got to go spend time with them. We've been thinking about them a lot lately... I can't believe how grown up they are... I'm started to wonder what a girl's gotta do to get you to come to Idaho! :)