Friday, May 13, 2011

Outrun - The First 10K

Ok... so I'm trying this again, since Blogger issues ate the post I did yesterday.

My bestest friend in the whole world is running her first 10k tomorrow morning. I was blessed to run her 1st 5k with her a couple months ago. Lately she's been a little discouraged.

This race is important for several reasons, but one is her time will help us raise money for the school in Ghana. We all know that sometimes just a simple word of encouragement gives us the push we need to get going again.

So... perhaps you can take a minute and hop over here to wish her well for tomorrow. It's a simple way to add a smile to someone's day. Both hers and mine.

UPDATE: Even though there were no comments left, 2 of her friends showed up to cheer her on. Unfortunately, her body did not cooperate and she was unable to finish the full 10k and only completed 5k. She is undetered and will try a 10k again soon. Hopefully then, we can really encourage her.

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