Friday, October 7, 2011

Paint Tia Pink Wrap-Up

I survived the pink! And was a good sport even for this photo.

The night before the race it rained, but race morning the weather was PERFECT. Only sleeping about 2 hours... not perfect. I did show up with my pink shoes, pink fingernails and pink shirt for the occasion.

Tiff we missed you though....

This was a little past the halfway point of the race. No I don't run with my arms splayed like that. At the turn, they had music blaring "Throw your hands in the air..." My hands were either going up or down after my little dance moment for the camera.

At the finish line... see the tutus I was spared from in the background?

Despite having just run 13.1 miles, we took the train into the city and walked through Central Park searching for my bridge. (which we only found by accident after we gave up looking

It was a great weekend. Thank you to everyone who donated for a total of $1400 raised. Additionally, we have GREAT NEWS!!

Since the chip-in counter on the blog only reflects donations made through paypal we have an additional $10,000 that was donated through the Interlink account.

That puts us at 50% of the school raised with less than a month to go.

With your help we can still get this school completed as we sprint towards this finish line.

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