Wednesday, October 12, 2011


On Sunday, I got to go to the Toledo Zoo with 2 of my favorite boys. It was a perfect day with cute animals, lots of laughter, and even ice cream!

This photo was actually taken on an earlier trip, but I liked it so much I wanted to add it.

Someone let the lion out of it's cage

The cutest baaaaaaby elephant - Lucas

Austin & I

Austin & homie tortoise

This one is for you Tiff

It's just a catfish, Kevin not a sea monster

THIS is a sea monster. Beauty sleep much?

Monkey see

African penguins

who doesn't love the penguins?

Every little girl loves her teddy bear

Every bear loves his little girl

Shortly after this photo was taken the bear on the right lunged and the one on the left clearly being submissive took off running. It was pretty spectacular to watch.

Nice Llama...

Don't let the owl bite you, Kev

More cute baaaaaaaby photos

and to top the day off... a baby giraffe too

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