Saturday, October 22, 2011


In preparation for spending 2 weeks in Africa where a trip to the gas station or vending machine for my daily fix of diet coke isn't very likely, I decided to go ahead and quit now. I have no desire to be struggling through caffeine withdrawl headaches while in Africa. Not only will this help in Ghana, but is just better for me in general to severly cut back on the amount of pop I drink and increase my water intake.

So... started this journey on Tuesday. It went well as did Wednesday. Yes, I had a little headache, but work kept me distracted. Thursday was a little worse. My head hurt, I was tired and the day seemed to drag. But I still didn't drink any.

In addition to this sacrifice, I also gave up any chocolate and changed my schedule to make sure I am healthy and well-rested before traveling. All these changes at the same time are hard to adjust to.

After 4 whole days without a diet coke (it's been a long time since i've gone that long) I caved and bought 1 for today.

No... I don't feel guilty. I am relearning the art of moderation. I'll enjoy it while I'm drinking it as a special treat. Once this bottle is empty, I will try going 5 days.

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