Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angels of Love

** Don't get me started on that pink hat. We'll pretend it isn't there**

These are my fellow prayer warriors and future missionary friends. Several years ago God provided a sweet time for all of us to get together and join in entering the presence of God with and for each other. It’s been awhile since all 4 of us were together. It basically took an act of God to make it happen (we get way to busy in our lives with jobs and school and such). But what a joy to an evening eating, laughing and praying for our Jesus to send us out as 'angels of love' wherever He would like.


Misty said...


I miss my chair SOOOOOOO much! if you are ever as crazy as I was, and decide to get rid of it- i will ship it here!

colette said...

love you guys:)