Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wet -N- Wild

Over the holiday weekend, I was offered a special treat.... Drive to Ohio and spend some time at the water park with these cool boys below and my aunt and uncle. (Thanks again guys for the invite) I didn't take my camera down into the water park - I was too busy going on the slides with the boys. So here's a couple shots from the hotel room.

How cute are we?? I love my K, he is so sweet and amazing with younger kids (sometimes not so much his brother, but still more than other brothers I know) He and I can talk for hours and crack ourselves up and we love games. Cantlepepper anyone???

And A. man... whew he's Jim Carrey in compact form. 100% energy and drama. But who can resist the freckles. I told to come take a picture with me and he says, "I already did."
"No you didn't. K took one with me, but you didn't."
"Yeah..... 1st communion." (this was several months ago and I did make him take a picture with me then. I am his God-mother. I have that right!)
In order to get him in the picture I told him, we'd be silly. I think this qualifies.

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colette said...

hahaaha, i love that last picture! and the first communion comment:P