Friday, September 11, 2009

One is not the lonliest number

Remember learning about imaginary numbers in math class? (I know I just lost half of you, but don't worry it's not a math lesson, just hang in there)

I recently decided to participate in an online book club. I've never done one before. I'm wading into the pool of techological advancement. It's been interesting already and we haven't even started discussing the book. I've met a few other women who I can relate too... Imagine that! There has been some back and forth about living as a single, the desire for spouses and children and relations between singles and their married friends. I've been thinking about it for a couple days.

I was out running the other day and it hit me. There is no such thing as being single. One is an imaginary number. We as humans are made to be in relationship; and that comes in many flavors, shapes and sizes. It is not limited to a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend senario. We have family memebers and friends. Even if we had absolutely no other person, God is still with us. Even God himself is not one but lives in relationship with himself. One is an imaginary number! Who ever said you don't use math in the real world??

Just like the process of running has been more about the mental than the physical for me, so is singleness. It's all in how your percieve it. It doesn't mean there won't be days where I won't feel sad or lonely or hurt over lack of a particular relationship, but those feelings are just a part of life and we all feel them about something at times. We also feel joy and exitement - seek the things that help you feel alive.

Back to the math for a minute. The symbol for an imaginary number is (i). Lower case i. Not I. It's easy to become selfish and self-serving when you aren't forced to confront compromise often. Whether we are old, young, married or single, we should strive to live our lives out as an i - so that i become less and live serving I AM.


Melanie said...

very cool post!

Hope said...

Lots and lots of truth in that post!