Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's finally here!

I've know you've been waiting...

For what? You don't remember?

The zoo post of course!

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the photos here. Thanks to K for sharing. She got some great shots.

Just tell the kids the butterflies are playing (wink...wink)

The next two show are examples of the butterflies matching their surrounding

I think this is my favorite picture that she took.
It looks like the flower is lit from within.

Here we have Buddha - god of the meerkats.
This dude just sat there like this watching over his
dominion. It cracked me up.

Did you notice the zebra legs or did you just
look again since I mentioned it? Btw all zebras
are named Zeke. I don't know why I just think they
should be.

This photo I can take some credit for. I pointed out
that it would be cool to get one with the bee on it.
See we go to the zoo and look at the flowers. We did see
an occasional animal as well.

Lean on me
I'll be your shoulder to cry on.

Almost looks like Siamese giraffes

Back to the flowers. But this photo is like
a rare perfect shot to me. So much texture.
And it's pretty.

How you doin'?

This guy (or gal.. not sure) also cracked me up. (it doesn't take much
as you can tell)You can't tellfrom the photo but he's put himself right
in front of the jet intothe tank. It was like he was at the spa getting
a massage. He just stayed in that one spot for the longest time.

I guess he just needed to sit down.
Thus endth our day at the zoo.

Now wasn't that worth waiting for?
Don't answer that ...


Lauresa said...

oh my gosh. I am so glad that I did not miss this blog. whew. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!!! Had fun with you at the zoo, thanks for posting the pics!!

colette said...

wow! that purple flower was my fav too, all the flowers in heaven will probly be glowing like that:D