Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have a dream box...

It's contents contain more memories than's much easier to tangibly define the past than the future. The empty spaces of this box speak loudly of my dreams. Too fragile, too likely to be disappointed to so concretely admit them by putting them in this box.

Dreams, may not see them in this box but when I look - my heart fills in the empty spaces.


Sheryl said...

i don't have words to tell you what is going on in my mind & heart right now.

i, too, have a box that stores my treasures. there are things missing, things that i dreamed would be there.

i love your writing, because it makes me think.

Lauresa said...

One must be ever so present when reading your posts. Me, it takes me a re-read or two to really process, and get the entire message--I love your abstractness. You need to let it shine, more. More people need to hear from you; that I know without a shadow of a doubt, sweet girl.

I hope your dreams and hopes come true very-very soon., and I cannot wait to watch.

love you.