Sunday, November 15, 2009

Missing Pieces

This weekend I have the privilege of spending time with 4 wonderful kids. Even with one not feeling so well a couple days, missing shoes, and a puppy chewing on everything in sight, it was throughly enjoyable. Here is a photo journal of my weekend.


Eddy the puppy

Colin (nature boy)

Evan (my sickie)

She can introduce herself

and Nathan

Friday Night Fun


Monkey-ing around

Feeding the birds
All the chickadees loved Colin. They always chose him, even when he didn't have seed in his hand

Evan was the last one. As you can see he wasn't too sure about it

Nathan wasn't sure what to make of it when the bird came. It kind of scared him, but then he said it tickled.


Lauresa said...

I love these pictures, and I especially love your smile in the "Friday night fun" pic's.... Love it. It's amazing what time spent with little one's can do, huh?

love you.

JD said...

It's obvious how much you love them, and how much they love you. I'm so glad you had this time with them -- they're so blessed too!

Love the photos... love you!

Thinking about you.... praying.