Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Keep-backs

1. something that delays progress: something that reverses or delays the progress of somebody or something

2. shelf or recess in wall: a place in the wall of a building where there is a shelf or recess

We all experience setbacks thoughout our entire life. As children we get potty-trained but still have a few accidents. Or get held back a grade. Or just when we get our finances in order, the car breaksdown. Sometimes the setbacks are major. A heartattack. A cancer relapse.

What about spiritual setbacks? Your prayer life gets sweeter and deeper and then all of a sudden you sense nothing and hear silence. Or an addiction you thought God had helped you get through comes roaring back... with 70 more demons in tow.

What then?

The past few weeks have felt like I was headed in reverse with the parking brake broken off. I didn't understand why it was happening (I hardly ever understand what God is doing during the refining). But instead of getting all bent out of shape and whiny with God (and yes... sometimes I do whine to Him) I prayed very simply "God, do not let these setbacks keep me back."

Setbacks do not have to be keepbacks. Far too often we stop moving after we've taken a few steps back. "Oh well... I guess it doesn't matter now." But it does matter. I realized just how much it matters.

Immediately after I prayed those words, I saw David - slingshot in hand - ready to kill Goliath. I saw a catapult being pulled back. In my little self-absorbed, limited perspective all I see is that it looks like I am going backward. Experiencing a setback. From a wider perspective being pulled back a short distance can be the potential force that propels you exponentially farther forward.

David's stone had to go in circles before being released to fulfill its purpose.
Peter denied Christ before becoming the founding leader of the church.
John had to be exiled before he recieved the revelation.

And I...

...simply have to willingly be pulled back
held by tenstion
ready and willing to be catapulted foward.


JD said...

Beautiful and powerful perspective, one that I am sure will resonate deeply with many of us.

I believe you will soar higher than ever, Tia, you won't be kept back.

The Bonfiglio Family said...

Have a great time in Canada! Enjoy your time and say hi to JD for me. :)