Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dueling Guitars

Last month I went on a little bit of a theater rampage and decided I needed to buy tickets to three different upcoming shows (plus that little weekend getaway to Toronto). And I am very excited to see said shows, but not so excited to see my credit card bills. It actually looks worse than it is, since other people are paying me back. For someone who tries very hard not to carry a credit card balance it's a little disconcerting.

Then just as the law of nature predicts something goes wrong. My guitar decides to break. I tried in earnest to fix it, but it's not going to work. It actually broke about 2 years ago and you would have thought I was losing a child or something when I thought it wasn't fixable. But I've had it 8 years, so I can't complain. It's given me great joy and I think I am ready to let it go now.

I've been looking for guitars online. I am not the plain kind-of-girl. I need something unique and "pretty" (But not pink!! .... refer to post Not so Legally Blonde) After many days of searching, I found it. It's price tag though is a whopping $600. This is much better than the first one I picked out which was $2500. (and ridiculously less than the $7000 ones someone else showed me) But $600 is still more than I can swallow for a guitar, but I love it much more than any other one I've looked at. In fact I already have a name for it and I don't even own it yet. I tried to convince myself that it's ok to have a big balance on a credit card and pay it off over several months time, but it wasn't really working. I also was having a hard time settling for something more affordable that I didn't like as much.

Today on a whim I decided to check out Craigslist. Let me stop you here before you get all excited. No it did not have my guitar for really cheap. But I did find a 12-string acoustic for $75 that I am going to check out this weekend. A brilliant plan emerged! I can afford $75 now (and it's probably equal or less than what I would be paying in interest on that credit card). I can stop playing my guitar before it really does break into more than one piece. I'll have a 12-string to play on while I pay off my current debt and then save up to buy the $600 6-string or find another one I want. In the end I get 2 guitars. If guitars were like relationships, this 12-string would be like my re-bound.

I'm so happy about this, it's like Christmas without the cold and snow!!!!!

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colette said...

haha, i like that metaphor at the end